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Harvest Film Scene 1
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The Harvest.  Set in the small rural community of Marble Falls, Texas, the Harvest follows the personal and professional challenges of the McLean family, as they navigate a move to New York City when the father, Dave, unexpectedly has a once in a lifetime career opportunity fall in his lap.  A professional hunter with a national TV show, Dave actively participates in the hunting lifestyle with his high school aged daughter and son. Judy, the mother, does not hunt, but supports the lifestyle.  Rooted in a strong Christian faith, the family finds their faith and lifestyle powerfully tested by strong anti-hunter views and other stresses brought about by this major move.  A move that has brought these issues literally to the McLean family doorstep. 

As a strong Christian film, the viewer of The Harvest will be challenged to consider and evaluate the depth and power of their faith, while also exploring the beauty of the fishing, hunting and outdoor lifestyle, including generational bonds, conservation, economic impact and health benefits. In a profound and meaningful way, The Harvest explores and introduces viewers to the wonderful “heart” of the outdoors.  For the first time America’s hunting heritage and story will be explained and celebrated on the big screen.  Mirroring the Christian theme of self-examination, the film asks viewers to look deeper at their feelings and views of the hunting lifestyle.

The Harvest is a film with contemporary characters addressing relevant Christian themes through a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle.
The Harvest is a film that will be made by hunters.
The Harvest is a film made for you.